Providing feedback to students using ‘Screencasting’

What is Screencasting? In my quest to find examples of interesting technology to incorporate into my lessons for my ICT Assignment, I came across screencasting. My purpose for using screencast is to provide an interactive and multimodal form of feedback to my Year 2 students.
This form of feedback provides opportunities to apply audio content directly linked to instruction while viewing an individual students work. Additionally writing and/or highlighting can be used to emphasise a particular area. This type of feedback can assist those learners in the class who struggle to comprehend written remarks. One of the reasons I chose it, was the interconnection between the teacher and the student…I am talking directly to them.

Think about how much feedback means to you.


Click on the link ( The Journal of …) to provide interesting reading about screencasting.


Talking with Students through Screencasting: Experimentations with Video Feedback to Improve Student Learning

Riki Thompson, University of Washington Tacoma
Meredith J. Lee, Leeward Community College

The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy 2012


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