I had a thought…..

If we really thought about how we use technology in our daily lives; at home, at work, socialising, even when we are asleep. What would your list look like?
I recently posted a word cloud of the technology we use at home, but since have realised…but wait…there’s more.
So, my thoughts developed into a question…
online-marketing-luxembourgCould we survive a week without technology?’
Think about it, and the impact this would have on your world.
Can you tell me…
Are we all the same with our dependancy on technology?
However possible, do you live without the gadgets and gizmos everyone tells us we need to survive?

9 thoughts on “I had a thought…..

  1. Well I know our tv remote control has died…. My kids don’t know how to handle this. My husband said “Buy a new T.V.” There is nothing wrong with the television just the remote. I think we have come to take for granted how technology has simplified life. Some would say ‘we are spoilt’. Karen

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    1. Hi there Kazzz74, yes I agree that we take our technology for granted. Your husbands solution is interesting to solving the problem of a worn out remote control, ‘buy a new TV!’ I wonder if he has explored the possibility of walking over to the set and using the old fashioned way. We do definitely rely on technology to simplify our lives. πŸ™‚ B


  2. Technology! is the words that i see everywhere and has taken over our lives. We are so much dependent on it that cannot do anything without it. And if you are not upto to date with technology people call you backwards for e.g. if you don’t have a smart phone, then you are different and then the questions come “How do u survive without it?”I am worried about the future and wonder what it will be like!

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    1. Hello u10377880, it does seem technology has taken over doesn’t it. I know for sure, I do not want to live on Mars or have a robot living in my house. There is a level of concern on what our and our children’s future and there children’s lives will be like. I hope, with all the technology that is to come, they still get to enjoy those simpler things, that made us enjoy life without pushing a button. I believe we can survive without a smartphone, many people do. Remember, if the shoe fits…. or if the shoe doesn’t fit…

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  3. Dependant on technology… It is quite hard to remember life without now, even though I was a pre-technology child. I really think that people’s use of technology varies, I think that there are people that do not rely on it the same as other do. Some reasons that make technology use vary can be lifestyle choices and personal interests, income, available time to explore technology, fear of technology, generation gap and differences. I also think that some of those reasons in particular can affect teachers extent of use and application in their practice (available time to explore, fear and generation differences). However, I am sitting on the fence… There are many things that I like and dislike about technology. Living without them I can do as I find that my technology use mainly does not come without a specific purpose to be using them… University, work, communication.

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  4. Hello nathagar,
    Thank you for your thoughts….
    I too was a pre-technology child . Although, do you think turning the knob on the TV round and round to find a favourite show or playing favourite records (Eagles, Jackson Browne, Neil Young) on the record player counts? I like your considerations on why we as a society engage or disengage with technology…it comes down to personal choice and as you say lifestyle. In the classroom, I see teachers backing away from using technology for the very reasons you stated and on the other hand, see some embrace it or over embrace it. I find it overwhelming at times and very challenging, especially when presented with a task that makes me feel right out of my comfort zone. However, I need technology, its the most wonderful thing that I can see and talk to my son in America πŸ™‚


    1. I also agree that technology has many advantages however we also need to embrace the simple things in life too. Students should not lose the art of handwriting. There is nothing more beautiful and personal then receiving a handwritten note as compared to a typed email. I believe students should still spend time on the basic skills throughout their education without the use of technology. Technology is useful but when it doesn’t work we need to be able to function without being totally dependent on it. Being able to communicate with family via the internet is amazing but you cannot replace face to face contact with family.


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