Oops Barb!

So this week saw me trying to be ICT aware on my laptop. Advice from my husband to delete all the unwanted data and make more room on my laptop prompted me to think I could ‘clean up’ those unwanted files.
Click clickery click… away I went.
‘Mmm, my Word Docs look different, I commented. I have question marks along the bottom and Word won’t open properly or save, I cant open Power Point’. ‘What are you doing’ was my husbands reply.
I was quite happy with myself for trying to be responsible and take care of my own laptop, thinking I was doing the right thing and freeing up space. Until…
To make this a short story, I had deleted Microsoft Office. This meant ‘really important’ documents, including my assignments were at risk. Gone were Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.  Panic sets in, frozen with fear … I realise this is far beyond me.
Help comes from my sons (living in America) best friend, Mitch, in Sydney. He explains, my Docs are still there, I have deleted the ability to read them. He takes over my computer, purchases and reinstalls Office, $179 later everything is restored. Just like that, I am back to normality.  I love having a go to tech guru … thanks Mitch, I am very grateful.

Too sad.





4 thoughts on “Oops Barb!

  1. Oh Dear……Panic stations Barb… I have had my computer crash before and lost lots of photos and assignments. Gee you were lucky. I definitely have a love hate relationship with technology. Glad everything turned out OK for you. Karen

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