mind map: noun; mind maps:plural noun

Screenshot 2017-08-10 15.11.09 (1)

I read where a mind map was a representation of a central idea, place, person or thing. The central idea here is ‘me’. Not sure if I’m ready to publish my personal mind map, however, this is a task set as part of my ICT course… Create a mind map and upload it to your BLOG. Now I can tick, this task as completed.

As a first time ever, mind mapper, I decided to look up a little information, this is a little of what I found:
A mind map:

  • Gives improved learning and clearer thinking to enhance human ability…
  • Looks at information differently
  • Combines Art and Science, logic and emotion, words and images, boring and fun.
  • Is an expression of radiant thinking- a natural function of the human mind.
  • Unlocks the potential of the brain


I did not know; the brain really likes mind mapping. The right side of the brain loves the images and the left side loves the words. I have used both, so my brain is feeling very content.

If you want to read more go to → Mind Mapping 101 .
The What, Why, Who & When of Mind Mapping.


4 thoughts on “mind map: noun; mind maps:plural noun

    1. Hello Karen,
      thank you, glad you like what I created. I used Coggle a free mind-mapping web application. I wanted something that I could include images instead of just little boxes. I’ll look forward to seeing what you create. B 🙂


  1. Great work B. Really love your concept used for the mind map and congratulations for ticking it off the list. Your written post to accompany it has inspired me to get moving on creating mine also. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 M


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