Available now…Blooms taxonomy in a digital format.

Screenshot 2017-08-17 12.57.39We are constantly thinking of ways to provide students with learning experiences that promotes deeper learning and understanding. There is a myriad of information on ‘Blooms Taxonomy’ original and revised, located at our finger tips and as we search to find the perfect poster, article or web site. However, the message remains the same… in 1956 Benjamin Bloom along with his colleagues, created a framework categorising educational goals on  a multitiered scale for teachers to promote in learning and students to develop higher forms of thinking through these domains of learning.

As we know,  the development of ICT has changed the way students are learning. Not completely, but technology now provides our 21st century students with opportunities to apply new skills and tools to investigate, imagine and explore real world concepts.  Reflecting the shift, Blooms taxonomy now has a digital version.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy‘This taxonomy is not about the tools and technologies, these are just the medium, instead it is about using these tools to achieve, recall, understanding, application, analysis, evaluation and creativity’ (Churches, 2009).

A pdf version of Blooms Digital Taxonomy is available for you at the link below.

Screenshot 2017-08-17 12.17.58

Blooms Digital TaxonomyScreenshot 2017-08-17 12.48.50






Educational Origami. (2017). Blooms digital taxonomy. Retrieved August 16, 2017,                   from http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+-+Introduction

Roberts, C. (2011). Digital learning world. Technology integration for 21st century learning. Retrieved August 16, 2017, from digitallearningworld.com/blooms-digital-taxonomy


2 thoughts on “Available now…Blooms taxonomy in a digital format.

  1. Thanks Barb. We are over loaded with information of Blooms but I never tire of it. Personally, I feel it is important to re-inforce what we need to deliver to our students and offer motivation in challenging them and us to extend our thinking and therefore build on our learning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello McK, I’m always happy to reinforce my understanding of Blooms. Sometimes I surprise myself and find I am using it without thinking. I hope you find the digital version useful.
      B 🙂


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