Protecting digital citizens in the classroom

As I continue to work on set assignment tasks for my ICT subject, I find myself considering the importance of teaching children to be aware of the digital footprints they are creating.Teaching the curriculum and integrating technology, is an important part of transforming learning.

Digital citizenship is what we encourage. It is a powerful enabler of inclusion in social, cultural and civil society.

Today, becoming a digital citizen is ‘part of who we are’ in school and at home. At school, it should be planned for, and addressed, through multiple contexts, including structured activities and whenever there are opportunities to talk and learn about being safe online.

The Department of Education in Queensland (2017),  has developed programs which support teachers to help primary and secondary students understand and remember what they should and should not do on line:

  • use technology appropriately and responsibly
  • behave in ways to enhance their own safety
  • Primary school students—learn about how to protect your digital footprint with the Cyber Heroes
  • Secondary school students—enhancing your digital identity

Take a look at the links above and go to Queensland Government Cybersafety

2 thoughts on “Protecting digital citizens in the classroom

  1. Your blog was thought-provoking. As our kids use the internet more and more, they need to be mindful of the dangers and complications that can result from not being mindful. Is it OK for me to use your info sheet as a handout for my students? Thanks so much – I love your blog! Georgeane

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Georgeane,
      It was lovely to hear from you on this blog. I am more than happy for you to use any materials with you. What grade are you teaching again? Isn’t it wonderful that it doesn’t matter where we are, you in USA and me in Australia, and we are able to share resources to benefit our students.
      Thank you
      Barb 🙂


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