Barriers to ICT in the classroom.

The are teachers I have connected with who struggle with the thought of going from paper to a digital classroom. It all sounds so easy when you read blurbs on ‘How to …’ However, following the ‘How to…’ can be a daunting task.
What are the barriers to jumping on board?
I recently read an article, which like many of them do, described the importance of ICT in the classroom as improving teaching and learning (Bingimlas, 2009).  I wanted to encourage you to think about how you feel towards ICT in your classroom.  Is it a challenge you could do without? Do you embrace the opportunities for ICT in your lessons? Do you feel pressured?  Do you see learning being transferred to higher levels?

I thought I would pop a snippet of what I found interesting on the barriers of ICT use in the classroom here for you to consider and reflect on your own thoughts.

Screenshot 2017-09-08 09.28.35

8 thoughts on “Barriers to ICT in the classroom.

  1. Yes, training is very important especially for older teachers like me. Fortunately the kids are always willing to help and share their skills with their teachers. Thanks for a very thoughtful article and poster!

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    1. Hello Georgeane,
      I can relate to what you said and I’m sure there are many others who would also agree. When I am struggling with technology students are always keen to help. I love that we can share learning.
      Always great to hear from you.
      Thank you Barb 🙂


  2. Hi Barb
    I feel that ICT plays a major role in the classroom today, but it must be thoughtfully planned for and appropriate. I think that there are many challenges for teachers and learning ICTs and how to implement them is one of those challenges. I think you have to give it a go and embrace the small opportunities and build on them. Personally I don’t think that I would feel pressured because I see learning ICTs as subject of lifelong learning as new software, programs and gadgets are quickly and forever evolving today.

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    1. Hello Nat, your are right. Technology grows at such a rate, we need to be selective, we need to plan and we need to ensure the ICTs we use, benefit our students in learning, not only teaching them a nifty new skill.
      Thanks for your comments always welcome and interesting.
      Barb 🙂


  3. Hi Barb, I have found that problems with the technology itself to be the biggest issue. I work in a classroom where quite often, the interactive whiteboard stops working and the internet speed is so slow that we can not get clips to load. I feel that while teachers try to incorporate ICT into lessons, quite often it is the technology that hinders the application.


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