Professional Experience coming up.

In 2 weeks, I begin my 4th Professional Experience. I’m going to Prep or  Foundation, the very early years of learning. In light of that I decided to do some exploring about little people.

Picture3Queensland Early Childhood Education and Care , is definitely worth a visit. Links galore and lots of information.

Age appropriate pedagogies  applies to Prep to Year 3, the Early Years of learning. A framework with focus on the child, their interests, capabilities and the experiences and understandings they bring to school.

I think it is worth a look for those of us who are going to be spending time with ‘little ones’ in the coming weeks.

Ive included the  11 characteristics  of the Age Appropriate Pedagogies. They represent the desirable qualities teachers show when working with colleagues to provide the most effective learning opportunities for each child.


16 thoughts on “Professional Experience coming up.

  1. good research Barb. I found with little ones lot of hands on activity as their attention span is very limited ..but they love ipads .Anyways all the best for your oncoming prac. I am sure you will enjoy with the little ones . Just don’t tie their shoelaces 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing your research, prepared for your prac you will be! I have not had much experience in the early years except when volunteering in my sons Prep class (3 years ago), however, one aspect in the evolution of curriculum and pedagogies for early years, I think not the most positive change is the lack of play based learning. As a parent play based learning was effective for social skilling (great skill building for group work) and building imagination (literacy, science). When Preps start school the diversity of readiness can be wide ranging and some of the little cherubs are not ready for the heavy curriculum based learning. Barb I think you will be all over it like white on rice!
    All the very best for you prac! Nat 🙂

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    1. Hello Nat, I may have found lots of resources but its getting the time to get through it. I’m excited, as I know you must be too. What is your grade? I would like to stay in touch so we can share our experiences. Happy days ahead.


  3. Hi Barb,
    What a great website from the Department of Education and Training with very good resources. I hope you enjoy your professional experience with Prep. Building relationships with young children is so important. I noticed my Year 1 Mentor Teacher speaks to the children with excitement tones in her voice, is expressive and responds to all their efforts. These interactions are motivating and engaging, playful and challenging, spontaneous and important and involve challenge and support (Department of Education and Training, 2015). I’m joining Year 1, so very excited as well.

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  4. Thank you for finding the solution to a query I posed on my blog – I had heard mention of this new pedagogy but could not find anything online. Can you link this to my post? Oh I should probably figure out how to link yours to mine. If you read my post you will see that there is a teacher Facebook page dedicated to AAP !

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  5. Thanks for sharing Barb! I too have a prep class, although in a special school. Not sure what their abilities are yet but after 3 placements teaching Grade 6 aged kids it will be a new experience for sure so I will be saving a copy of this resource! Thanks again and good luck on your prac.

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