Sharing our learning through blogging

I was surprised today to hear from one of the students in our course and how I had indirectly answered a query of hers. Her blog name is Gnarly Nigerti [GN], which she assures is not her real name. There is something to be said for disguising our digital footprint.
I have been following GN from the beginning and we often wished, along with many others, course readings, would have included, ICT for Dummies. Funny, it was not on the essential reading list provided by the university. (?)  However, with a lecturer/ examiner, who teaches, encourages, inspires and tells us what we can do with technology and why, we have been driven by the desire to succeed.
Today was proof that connecting via technology does work and can make us smile. I feel this is one of the hidden criteria of the course. GN had posed a question relating to a particular pedagogy, which I had previously included in a blog. One of those ahah moments, I think. Today was also proof that when we share, we have no idea how that can positively impact on others. That is something to smile about.

Lets keep blogging…
Screenshot 2017-09-23 18.28.49

One thought on “Sharing our learning through blogging

  1. And I am proud of myself for discovering a new function in wordpress – the ‘share’ icon when in managing followers where it lists recent posts by your followers. All I had to do was click the icon and it appeared on my blog to share to all and sundry who may have missed your original post.


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