Assignment 2 = devastation & destruction

Hello GN, you tried so hard and I know you were very
disappointed in your result.
I’m glad to see some smiles in your blog and you
made some important decisions about the direction you want to take.


Blog On !

My unit resembles one of the ugly step-sisters trying to squeeze into Cinderella’s shoe!

So we learn by making mistakes. A difficult and costly path to follow but one I have taken. I am notorious for having to do something wrong to get it right and I was true to form. In my enthusiasm in unlocking the world of ICT I have mistaken ICT-rich for ICT-saturation in my Year 6 scienceunit on Natural Disasters. Because I am personally on an exiting ICT learning/discovery journey I have therefore entirely focussed my unit on the students’ learning new ICT and completely left out the science content descriptors from my unit and how the ICT aligns to them and what the students are supposed to be learning. So, basically I had a unit on ICT and nothing on Natural Disasters ! I have also totally missed the point how ICT can be transforming for teachers, not just…

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