A little too late…

I’m sure we are all aware of the ‘—————– for Dummies’  series of books, and it comes as no surprise there is one called, ‘Blogging For Dummies.’ Where was this when we all began our adventures into blogging at the start of this course back in July? Some of you may have purchased a copy to help make sense of the new learning experience we needed to engage in over the semester.

Well if you didn’t…. and see yourself continuing as a blogger, whether it is here or you see yourself using a blog in the classroom or just for pleasure, I found the literature to support and inspire you as ‘a future blogger.’  

Enjoy …

Blogging for Dummies




2 thoughts on “A little too late…

  1. Thank you Barb. Yes I wish I had something like this at the start of the course.
    Just goggled and they have Web design for dummies also.
    Thanks to blogging my ICT world is being stretched. Painful at times but worth it in the end.
    I love the design of you blogging page by the way.

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    1. Thank you for your post Michelle. I agree, Web design for dummies would have been very useful, particularly right now!
      Glad you like the design of my blog. I would have been able to be more creative, however, as you may have found, everything needs an upgrade which can be expensive.
      Good luck and enjoy your Professional Experience.
      Barb 🙂


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