Prep A in action using ICT

My professional experience finds me  wanting to stay in the classroom. I am in a foundation class, Prep A with 24 beautiful and unique little people. Such a mix of personalities, some a little livelier than the others. There have been a few tears, lots of smiles and curious minds about learning and about me.

Life in extremely busy in Prep A, there is no space in the day. Packed full of wonderful activities to engage and inspire, we have been practicing our counting forward and backwards to 20, learning and revising new blends, dr, sh, tr, br, along with lots of colouring, trying to stay in the lines and writing sentences.  We visited the library, completed the Prep area obstacle course, which is lined with our site words, started swimming and Thursday it was off to the computer lab for exploration on computers.

The students wearing their earphones, are introduced to the Early learning program, BroadLEARN. BroadLEARN, is designed for young children 3 to 7 with hundreds of numeracy and literacy focused songs, stories, puzzles and interactive activities for children to engage with, at a level appropriate to their stage of development.
Click on the picture below to find out more…

broadlearningPrep a in actin


broadlearning 2

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